TIME FIGHTERS: the collaboration between Renault and the fire service

The goal is to make their work in the field easier in the event of an accident and to make it as safe as possible.

a unique partnership since 2010 - Renault and firefighters

a unique partnership since 2010

Developed between Renault and the emergency services, the aim of the initiative is to help firefighters save time and stay safe on call-outs and therefore save more lives. 

The only car manufacturer in the world to have appointed a full-time Lieutenant-Colonel firefighter, Renault has been regularly training first responders for a number of years, in several countries, to deal with the latest generation of vehicles in its range.

more than


firefighters trained

firefighters trained in



collaboration since




vehicles donated for firefighter training

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training courses offered

what type of training is given?

The training courses use real vehicles, in real-life conditions such as fires, extrication, underwater rescues, and more.
Theoretical and practical training is given and courses can last several days. Regular communication also keeps the emergency services abreast of any innovations that may affect them.


Read the testimonies of Renault’s partner firefighters.

Tautu’s testimony - Renault and firefighters

Tautu - Chief Fire Officer - France

“The collaboration with Renault means we have the latest generation of vehicles, including those that you can now buy in dealerships. This means we get them in advance so we know how to deal with them on the actual day, which is a real advantage.”

safety by Renault
* Currently, the firefighter program is not available in India.

Julio’s testimony - Renault and firefighters

Julio - rescue trainer - Spain

“My message for all vehicle manufacturers is to involve the emergency services in the design and manufacturing process.”

Rudiger’s testimony - Renault and firefighters

Rudiger - Fire Officer - Germany

“The collaboration with Renault is extremely valuable to us as firefighters.”

Ian’s testimony - Renault and firefighters

Ian - Chief Fire Officer - England

“I believe that Renault has thrown down the gauntlet for other manufacturers.”

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