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Renault services

Renault Service makes driving more enjoyable for an easier life. Automotive maintenance is no longer a chore. To save your time and give you greater peace of mind, we offer quick and easy solutions to suit your needs. Renault Service takes care of everything, right from appointments to packages, insurance, assistance and more.

With 500+ dealerships, including 200+ workshop on wheel centres, Renault has a wide service network.
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Our specially-trained team of technicians make servicing a quick job so that you never have to wait.
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How much does it cost to maintain a Renault?
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Regular service & maintenance

The lifetime of a vehicle depends on two key factors i.e., regular service and maintenance. The service intervals recommended by the manufacturer will allow you to optimise the life and performance of your vehicle.

Renault offers a wide range of services to meet all your needs- mechanical repairs, electrical and all your body work. Stay calm and leave your vehicle in the hands of the experts, trained and certified by Renault.

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Renault by your side

Pamper your car, leave it to our skilled technicians and engineers. At Renault, we train them to ensure high quality maintenance for optimum road handling, comfort and finish.

Renault customer charter

At Renault, we promise to:

  • Treat each appointment with you as an opportunity to prove we are the right people when it comes to Renault genuine parts and service
  • Listen to your needs, as you are the reason that we exist as an organisation
  • Provide an estimate for all work requested and to seek your authorisation to proceed in case of any additional work required prior to commencement
  • Take care of your vehicle by fitting protection devices such as seat covers and floor mats
  • Use trained technicians with special tools to work on your vehicle and to use genuine Renault parts
  • Conduct a thorough quality control check on your vehicle before handover and issue a quality control certificate
  • Conduct a full and detailed explanation of each service invoice
  • Repair warranty on all genuine Renault parts and service work for 12 months/20,000 km which ever is early on parts* and labour as a commitment to your satisfaction (*excluding wear and tear items)
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Renault at your service

Regular servicing ensures the long-term reliability and safety of your Renault. This is why we specify a time and/or distance travelled interval, whichever comes first. This is because some parts are more affected by time than they are by distance travelled.

To provide ongoing driving enjoyment and total satisfaction, we aim to provide you with the maximum satisfaction through the total car experience, including servicing. The use of improper parts, lubricants and chemicals may result in the lower performance of your vehicle. Proper maintenance and care of the vehicle is indispensable for safe driving and lower overall running costs.

Only Renault dealerships have Renault trained technicians (COTECHS) who are continually trained by Renault service division trainers to perform all factory recommended servicing and repair operations on Renault vehicles. As an authorised service outlet, COTECHS use specialised Renault service tools such as “Clip”. Clip is the latest diagnostic tool from Renault, capable of diagnosing onboard computer incidents. Clip also enables a COTECH to reprogram vehicle computer systems to suit specific driver requirements such as:

  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Pro-active automatic transmission
  • Electronic ABS
  • Electronic immobiliser & security features


When you combine this technical expertise with the very best Renault genuine parts, lubricants and accessories, you will begin to understand just how serious Renault is about customer satisfaction.

Peace of mind assured

Regular maintenance of your Renault ensures its performance and extends its life. To support you throughout the life of your car, we offer turnkey solutions.

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Service like none other

At Renault, each service is clear and there are no surprises in store and because we want to maintain your peace of mind.

We are committed to:


  • Compliance with your vehicle’s maintenance programme
  • Safety with the performance of an all point inspection
  • Reliability thanks to the Renault electronic diagnosis
  • Technical nature of standard oils for your engine
  • Work under warranty for one year (parts and labour)
  • Transparency of the Renault Service packages suited to your car

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Tyres are part of the "Safety Triangle" along with brakes and shock absorbers. They are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road! This is why Renault offers regular checks of the wear of your tyres whenever you visit Renault workshop.

Warning signs

  • Pressure in the tyres
  • A worn or deformed tyre tread
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel or unusual noises in the passenger compartment
  • A tendency of the vehicle to go to one side instead of going straight

If you notice one of these signs, have your tyres checked in our workshops. Our experts are available to advise you.

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Renault solution

Entrusting us with the maintenance of your tyres means benefiting from the following services:

  • A systematic check of the wear of your tyres
  • Changing and switching your tyres
  • Wheel alignment and geometry adjustment
  • Balancing of the wheels

A team of specialist technicians will take care of your vehicle to offer you the most appropriate solution. You will therefore be guaranteed a perfect result.


Tip: Over-inflating your tyres can accelerate wear. You will find the ideal pressure inside the door of your vehicle. The pressure must be taken cold i.e. when you have driven less than 3 km.

Because the battery provides the current required to start the engine and also supplies power to all the electrical equipment in your vehicle. Therefore Renault offers various fault diagnosis so that you have no unpleasant surprises when starting your vehicle.

Warning signs


  • Your battery was last changed by a professional 30,000 km ago or 2 years ago
  • The ignition circuit is not working correctly. (Check before summer and winter to prevent breakdowns caused by changes in temperature.)


If you notice one of these signs, you should change your battery. Our experts are available to advise you.

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Renault solution

Entrusting us with the maintenance of your battery means benefiting from a detailed inspection which includes:

  • A check of the status of the battery charge using a battery hydrometer or a multimeter.
  • A check of the level of wear of the circuit.
  • A compatibility test between the battery and the vehicle.

For further information visit your Renault dealer.

TIP: 85% of breakdown interventions are due to a defective ignition system. You can check the status of the battery charge using the 'Magic Eye' on your Renault battery.

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Important information

Renault does not sell/market/intend to sell membership for road side assistance through telecaller/promotional messages and Renault does not accept any payment  for the same. You are advised to seek such memberships only by visiting the authorized Renault dealership or through My Renault application available at different platforms.

Please be alert and protect yourself from such un-authorized call/payment.