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Milestones in India

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In 2005, Renault marked its presence in India. From then till now, Renault India has achieved many milestones. It continues to further its market share by launching India’s favourite cars, like the Kiger, Kwid, Triber and Duster, with exciting features at an affordable price.


Safety takes centre stage as Renault rolls out its BS6 step 2 compliant range. The launch of the Limited Edition Urban Night sets a new standard of sophistication on the road.

BS6 step 2 complainat range

September, 2023

Renault launches its Limited Edition Urban Night range. Sleek, stealth black body complemented by stardust silver accents, and a suite of new features redefine luxury.

BS6 step 2 complainat range

February, 2023

Renault instils peace of mind with the latest BS6 step 2 safety additions across its range, including features like hill start assist (HSA), traction control system (TCS), tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and electronic stability programme (ESP).

2022 Summary

Space for families got even better with the launch of Renault Triber limited edition. Next to follow was Renault Kwid with a trendy upgrade. Renault Kiger wasn’t far behind with its stylish enhancements, a new dual tone, and a ravishing Stealth Black variant. The already stunning range got a makeover with the festive limited edition.

September 2022

Renault introduces its festive limited edition range with a pop of red accents added to the ice cool white & mystery black dual tone Kiger, Triber and Kwid.

March & July, 2022

Renault Kiger greets the summer in a new, playful Metal Mustard dual tone, alongside the subtle add-ons that reflect the compact SUV’s distinctive personality. As for July the Renault Kiger, is also available in a new colour "Stealth Black".

March, 2022

Renault Kwid drives on its way to achieve big, dressed in Ice Cool White dual tone & flaunting stylish interior accents. 

February 2022

The launch of Renault Triber Limited Edition with an awe-inspiring new look to celebrate 1 lakh sales milestone.

2021 Summary

Renault revolutionised the B-SUV segment with the launch of its game-changer, the Renault Kiger. It made headlines again as the ultra-modular Renault Triber got a stylish upgrade. Soon after, the Renault Kwid made a show stopping entry with a dual-tone makeover.

September, 2021

Renault launched India’s favourite Kwid Climber in an attractive dual tone exterior, sporting an ice cool white body and black roof.

March, 2021

The ultra-modular Renault Triber was launched with more possibilities in style with the widest range of Dual Tone colours in its segment.

February, 2021

Renault India launched a revolutionary B-SUV - the sporty, smart, stunning Renault Kiger - so that you can be ready for new experiences.

2020 Summary

Renault India launched the Triber AMT version to make driving a breeze with low maintenance cost and superior fuel efficiency. The iconic Renault Duster gets introduced in an all-new avatar, with enhanced all-round capabilities and power-packed 1.3L turbo petrol engine. Renault Kwid was launched in a zanskar blue & moonlight silver dual tone avatar. Feature-loaded and innovative in style, it is designed to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Renault KIGER Showcar

November, 2020

The sporty, smart, stunning Renault Kiger show car was introduced to the world.
Renault KWID Neotech Edition

October, 2020

The New Renault Kwid Neotech Edition pushes the boundaries in style, design and technology.

August, 2020

Renault Duster got a completely new makeover and enhanced all-round capabilities to ensure that you power through every terrain.

July, 2020

The Ultra Modular Renault Triber AMT version was launched that made driving not only easier but something to look forward to.

2015-2016 Summary

With the launch of new and attractive cars, Renault India continues to grow and expand its presence in India.

Alt Image C29
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November, 2016:

  • Renault India launches the new KWID AMT featuring the innovative Easy-R Technology with the first-in-class AMT dial.
  • Renault India launches the new LODGY STEPWAY with a host of thoughtful features ideally suited for big families with eye-catching exteriors and interiors.

October, 2016:

  • Renault India launches the new DUSTER ADVENTURE EDITION as an unstoppable All-Wheel Drive that’s built to take on any terrain.

August, 2016:

  • Renault India launches the new LODGY WORLD EDITION, an MPV offering the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort to ensure a delightful Rishton ki Sawaari with the family.
  • Renault India launches the new KWID 1.0L which

February, 2016:

  • World reveal of Renault KWID 1.0 L SCe, Renault KWID EASY–R, Renault KWID CLIMBER and Renault KWID Racer at Auto Expo 2016.
  • The new Renault DUSTER is revealed at the Auto Expo 2016.
  • Renault reaffirms its “Make in India” commitment by sharing the Renault KWID perspective with Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi during the Make in India week.
  • Renault India registers 158% growth in February 2016.
  • Renault India inaugurates its new 3S dealership in Aligarh, Azamgarh, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, to name a few. 


January, 2016: 

  • Renault India registers 151% growth in January 2016.


December, 2015:

  • Renault India registers 160% growth in domestic sales in December 2015.

November, 2015:

  • Renault expands its network with inauguration of its 190th dealership in Telangana.
  • Renault KWID races past 50,000 customer orders.
  • Renault India registers 144% growth in domestic sales.

October, 2015:

  • Popular Indian television reality show, MTV Roadies goes from X2 to X4 to celebrate shift from 2 to 4 wheels and Renault drives in as title partner for ‘Renault MTV Roadies X4’.
  • The Renault KWID sets a new benchmark by crossing 25,000 bookings in 10 days since its launch announcement.

September, 2015:

  • Renault launches the attractive, innovative and affordable Renault KWID
  • Renault introduces the KWID App and a virtual showroom where buyers can experience the KWID, anytime and anywhere.
  • Renault launches the new DUSTER Explore Edition with 25 additional new features.

August, 2015:

  • Musical maestro A.R. Rahman creates the theme track for Renault’s new brand campaign titled “Re Re Re Raftaar”.

2013-2014 Summary

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Renault takes root

More than 100 facilities across the country, several awards and the first concept car, Renault Kwid, unveiled outside Europe.


March, 2014 :

  • The new Renault DUSTER ADVENTURE EDITION is launched as the perfect accomplice to any explorer.
  • Gang of Dusters sets out for their second adventure drive during Holi, for the Desert Odyssey in Rajasthan.
  • The all-new Renault FLUENCE is launched, carving a new niche for itself - Sport Luxury.
  • Renault reaches landmark of 1,00,000 cars on Indian roads in less than 3 years of operation in India.

February, 2014 :

  • Renault unveils a concept car for the first time outside of Europe. The concept car, KWID, is a perfect compact SUV to escape the urban jungle.
  • The new Renault KOLEOS is launched with bold new styling and a powerful engine.


August, 2013 :

  • Renault launched the Gang Of Dusters, the official community for Renault DUSTER owners, with a 5-day road trip called the West Coast Expedition.
  • The Renault SCALA broke two existing mileage records, set by the Limca Book of Records and Autocar, to become the most fuel efficient car in the country.
  • Renault teams up with LINC to sponsor Spellinc, a nationwide school level spelling competition.

July, 2013 :

  • Renault proudly celebrated its 2nd anniversary in India with the 2013 Manufacturer of the Year Award.

2011-2012 Summary

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Our bond with India

The popular award-winning DUSTER, the FLUENCE and the KOLEOS are testament to Renault's growing success in India.


December, 2012:

  • Renault DUSTER was chosen as the Car of the Year by NDTV (CAR & Bike) and ICOTY.
  • Renault was awarded The Car Manufacturer of the Year (NDTV Car & Bike).
  • Renault SCALA won the most creative TV Commercial of the Year award.
  • Renault PULSE was chosen as the premium Hatchback of the Year.

September, 2012:

  • Renault SCALA launched in New Delhi on 7th September.


July, 2012:

  • Renault DUSTER receives a phenomenal response from the Indian market.
  • Renault DUSTER launched across 9 cities in India.

April, 2012:

  • Renault launches the new Renault FLUENCE E4 diesel with the powerful dCi 110 engine.

January, 2012:

  • Renault launches the Renault PULSE and unveils the DUSTER at the New Delhi Auto Expo 2012 in the presence of India’s top media.
  • Renault crosses 40 dealerships across India and soon to hit 100 by the end of the year.


October, 2011:

  • Renault PULSE unveiled at the 2011 Indian grand prix by Formula1 drivers Mark Webber and Karun Chandok, in the presence of Renault COO, Mr. Carlos Tavares and Renault India MD, Mr. Marc Nassif.
  • Renault India crosses 75,000 fans on Facebook.

September, 2011:

  • All-new Renault KOLEOS global launch in India on 8th Sept.

June, 2011:

  • Renault-Nissan alliance manufacturing facility rolls out its 100,000th car.

May, 2011:

  • Renault launches its first car in India, the Renault FLUENCE.
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Our Indian story begins

In 2005, Renault began its Indian adventure in partnership with the Mahindra & Mahindra group. The LOGAN launch was soon followed by the opening of a manufacturing facility and a technology and business centre.


March, 2010:

  • Inauguration of the Renault-Nissan alliance manufacturing facility in Chennai (investment of ₹4 500 crores with a capacity to produce 400 000 cars per year).

February, 2010:

  • Renault announces the consolidation of its presence in the Indian market (ends JV with Mahindra's) with plans to open a nation-wide network of Renault branded dealerships and the launch of a range of cars from mid-2011.

January, 2010:

  • Renault participates in the New Delhi Auto Expo 2010 exhibition, displaying a range of cars from its global portfolio and announces plans to introduce a full range of cars from its global portfolio in the Indian market.

May, 2009:

  • Inauguration of the Renault Nissan technology and business centre in Chennai.


September, 2008:

  • The Renault design studio opened in Mumbai. It is one of the 5 satellite global design studios for Renault.

June, 2008:

  • Establishment of the integrated logistics network to facilitate the export of automobile components to Renault plants around the world.

May, 2007:

  • Launch of the LOGAN, through Mahindra Renault, a JV with the Mahindra & Mahindra group (currently the LOGAN is being manufactured by M&M under a special licensing agreement).

October, 2005:

  • Renault India registered in Mumbai.

2019 Summary

Reinvention was the name of the game in 2019. We started by adding a host of new features to the Renault Kwid for a safer and easier drive. Next, we gave the iconic Renault Duster a bolder, more audacious makeover. We then redefined space in cars by launching the super spacious, ultra-modular Renault Triber in India. Most recently, we've reintroduced the Renault Kwid as a style icon - designed to command attention.

October, 2019

India’s favourite hatchback, Renault Kwid, got a stylish upgrade to command attention on every road.

August, 2019

The super spacious, ultra modular Renault Triber was launched, giving India ‘Space For Everything’ in a car.

July, 2019

The legendary SUV, the Renault Duster took on a bolder Caspian Blue avatar in its 2019 version.


2018 was all about taking new steps in innovation and exploring the diverse terrains of the country. Renault covered all 29 states of India with the KWID and explored the treacherous roads of the Himalayas with the CAPTUR. We also launched the KWID New Feature-Loaded Range with first-in-class technology.

October, 2018

The year ended on a great note as India’s most stylish SUV, the Renault CAPTUR was launched in a striking Radiant Red colour.

August, 2018

India’s favourite car got an exciting upgrade with the launch of the Renault KWID NEW FEATURE-LOADED RANGE. It comes with a host of first-in-class additions, so that you can go beyond and explore new adventures every day.

January, 2018

January 2018 began with head-turning style meeting limitless fun as the Renault KWID got a stylish makeover in the new Renault KWID LIVE FOR MORE RELOADED Special Edition.


Renault redefined India’s style statement with the launch of the new KWID CLIMBER, and the DUSTER SANDSTROM EDITION which further enhanced Renault’s success. With the launch of the Renault CAPTUR, India's most stylish SUV, a new benchmark was set.

November, 2017

Renault India launches the Renault CAPTUR. Bearing the distinctive expressive styling that is a hallmark of its rich lineage, the Renault CAPTUR is India’s most stylish SUV.

September, 2017

Renault India launches the new Renault DUSTER SANDSTORM EDITION. With robust exteriors and striking decals, it carries forward the adventurous attitude of the DUSTER with a dash of elegance.

August, 2017

Renault India launches the new Renault KWID 02 ANNIVERSARY EDITION. Available in the stylish Fiery Red and Ice Cool White colour options, India's favourite car gets a sporty makeover.

June, 2017

India’s favourite car took style a notch higher with the launch of seven new designs in the Renault KWID LIVE FOR MORE COLLECTION.

March, 2017

Renault India launches the new KWID CLIMBER. With an electric blue body and vibrant orange highlights, the car brings a head-turning combination of style and excitement.

Alt Image C28v0

January, 2017

Renault India launches the new KWID – LIVE  FOR MORE EDITION, featuring bold red and grey accents and thoughtful design enhancements that make it truly appealing.