Renault Virtual Assistant (RVA)

Know everything about Renault, instantly.


At Renault, we are constantly looking at innovative ways to better your experience.

The Renault Virtual Assistant (RVA) is an AI based chatbot that provides instant assistance with everything you want to know about Renault. Be it exploring a new car model or booking a new one, you ask a question and RVA has an answer for it. If you are an existing Renault owner, you can ask RVA about anything related to your car, its services, payments and a lot more so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Here’s what RVA can help you with

New customers

  • Explore the Renault range
  • Register your interest or book a test drive
  • Book a new Renault
  • Find a dealer
  • Download brochures & watch videos
  • Live chat

Existing customers

  • Get information about My Renault
  • Locate your nearest workshop
  • Get your sales and service invoice
  • Book a service appointment and pay online
  • Renault Le Club Referral Program - refer your friends/family and earn rewards