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Renault India’s institutional sales department caters to corporates & international
key accounts, government employees, canteen stores departments (CSDs),
central police canteen / kendriya police kalyan bhandar (KPKB), GeM & professionals like doctors & teachers. Institutional sales focuses on relationship-building with corporate customers and works as a one-point contact for all the needs of the customer. Exclusive benefits are passed on to these customers depending on their eligibility criteria.


Corporates and companies make up a major part of Renault India’s customer base. A corporate may refer to FMCG, IT companies, public sector undertakings, public sector banks, private banks, multinationals, hotels, large and mid-sized corporates and their employees, IKA (international key accounts), etc.


Renault’s Care for Caregivers program provides exclusive offers to doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. Whereas academic professionals (private/public) are eligible for special corporate benefits* via the Teachers and Professor’s program.


A leasing company provides physical assets or services for use, by a commercial client or individual, for an established period of time in return for regular payments. Renault offers exclusive benefits to major leasing companies across India.

Vendors and suppliers

A large number of companies cater to the production facility of Renault in India. The Renault extended family program covers all the employees of these corporates and offers a one-stop solution for all their needs. Exclusive benefits include discounts on car purchase and after-sale offers.


Government employees & PSUs’ sales

The 'Steel Frame of India', comprising of central & state government employees and PSU employees, has been considered as a key segment with special benefits offered on Renault cars. These benefits are also available to retired government personnel.

Canteen stores department (CSD)

Army, air force and navy personnel are all covered under the CSD program wherein they are eligible to purchase the cars at a concessional GST. Renault India also recognises their immense contribution and offers a special discount on the approved car models.

Kendriya police kalyan bhandar (CPC)

Personnel of the 7 central police forces under the Ministry of Home - ITBP, CISF, CRPF, BSF, SSB, Assam Rifles & NSG, and state police forces are eligible to purchase the cars at a concessional rate under the CPC program. This includes a special cash discount offered by Renault India to the police personnel on the approved car models.

Government e-marketplace (GeM)

Renault India has been part of the GeM (earlier DGS&D), offering select models of cars at a special price for all government departmental purchases. The car purchase on the GeM platform may be done directly or through a bid route.

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