QRescue: the QR code that saves the emergency services time

A Renault innovation developed in close collaboration with firefighters, it guarantees improved safety during extrication.

QRescue - Renault

all the technical info with one scan

QRescue is a QR code that gives emergency services access to all of the vehicle’s technical information in one scan, even in dead zones.
Affixed as standard* on the front and rear windscreens of Renault vehicles, its location was chosen with firefighters to facilitate their work. 

*since 2022

up to 15 minutes saved!

QRescue can save the emergency services up to 15 precious minutes during the “golden hour”, the urgent time window when patients must receive definitive trauma care before being taken to hospital.  

up to 15 minutes saved - QRescue - Renault
QR affixed on the windscreens - QRescue - Renault

a QR code affixed on the front and rear windscreens

In an emergency, every second counts. By scanning the QR code, firefighters have immediate access to the vehicle’s key technical information in the form of the Rescue Sheet.

QRescue as standard on the latest vehicles in the range

On all brand new Renault models in 2022 (Megane, Austral, Kangoo) worldwide. It will be deployed on all Renault models in 2023.

also available for earlier Renault vehicles

This QR code is also available for Renault vehicles produced before 2022. It is called the Rescue Code. To get one, ask your Renault dealership. 

a Renault/EuroNCap partnership

Through the Renault and French firefighters initiative, Euro NCAP is now noticing tertiary safety efforts made by car manufacturers.

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rescue sheet - QRescue - Renault

immediate access

Essential for a rapid intervention, the Rescue Sheet includes a variety of technical information about the vehicle (engine, battery location, fuel tanks, airbags, etc.) and indications for a faster and safe extrication. 

time fighters - Renault and firefighters

time fighters - Renault and firefighters collaboration

SD Switch and Fireman Access - automotive safety - Renault

SD Switch and Fireman Access

driver-assistance systems - automotive safety - Renault

advanced driver-assistance systems

safety by Renault
*Currently, the firefighter program is not available in India