ROADS: Renault operational advanced driving simulator

The best performing immersive simulator in the world.

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continuously improving the safety of Renault vehicles

Continuous improvement of the safety of road users is written into Renault’s DNA. This is why the brand is constantly promoting efficient technological innovations that anticipate, identify and adjust possible solutions.

ROADS, the new Renault Group driving simulator

Designed to develop and test ADAS and driverless systems, the ROADS simulator (Renault Operational Advanced Driving Simulator) is proving to be an excellent tool for optimising safety.

It lets you drive a digital twin and test all types of situations, including the most dangerous ones. It is a beneficial addition to time-consuming and costly road tests.

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a new era for simulation

ROADS is a revolutionary driving simulator that is heralding a new era in immersive simulation. ROADS complements digital simulation and traditional tests, making it possible to test the behaviour and reactions of drivers faced with the growth of driver-assistance systems and in-car software, and the arrival in 2026 of the “Software Defined Vehicle”.

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taking simulation to the next level

ROADS is part of a specific simulation centre for smart and connected vehicles. The 2,300 m² site hosts many immersive test simulations focused on the design and validation of new vehicle projects. The extraordinary dimensions of ROADS with its 360° dome make it possible to test all of the safety components built into a full vehicle (ESP, emergency braking, behaviour, etc.). The data obtained will help to improve all of Renault Group’s production.

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digital twin: using the virtual to anticipate the real

A digital twin is the virtual equivalent of a real vehicle. It can be used to simulate behaviour in different traffic situations and check how well the driver-assistance systems work, before being fitted in the real vehicle. ROADS uses revolutionary technology.


As the ideal tool for testing a vehicle’s dynamic behaviour, the driver-assistance systems and all the driver information systems in all types of environments, ROADS represents a giant step forward in safety research.

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