Fleet Asset Management is a special Key Accounts service. By integrating raw data about the journeys made by your fleet of Renault vehicles and connected to an analysis tool, you can:
- optimise your fleet fuel and management costs,
- introduce an eco-driving scheme,
- reduce accidents... and much more!
To connect your fleet, your vehicles need to be preconfigured for connected services at the time of order, or fitted with the R-LINK multimedia tablet. For further information, feel free to contact your Renault Business Fleet contact.

Designed for fleets of fifty or more vehicles, Pro+ Board is a software set-up for improved fleet tracking. It provides day-to-day data on your fleet and access to analysis tools to keep an eye on any changes. It can be configured to track the points you most want to monitor, making it is a personalised fleet management solution.

For further information, you can consult the website www.proplusboard.com.

R.Access is a technical service for long and short-term rental firms and car-sharers. It is a web-based service giving you control over the doors and immobiliser of a connected Renault vehicle. Ideal for enabling 24/7 access to our vehicles. 

Simply integrate R.ACCESS into your management system and create the user interface (website or smartphone app.) to manage vehicle access.

For a connected fleet, your vehicles need to be preconfigured for connected services at the time or order, or fitted with the R-LINK multimedia table and a hands-free card.


Business Message is an application that makes it easier for your managers and staff to communicate. Your managers can quickly send targeted messages to one or several vehicles in your fleet. Drivers can consult the messages received, make a phone call or activate the sat-nav to find their destination.

There are two ways of using this service:
- you already have a web service with your own interface: you can communicate automatically using our service,
- you don’t have an interface yet: we can provide a turnkey solution with a secured interface dedicated to messaging in addition to our web service.

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