Renault Sport: from the racetrack to the road

sporting range

equipped with technologies developed for the racetrack, the R.S. and R.S. Line models are considered the flagship vehicles from the Renault range.

behind the wheel, hundreds of thousands of drivers form an international community that carries the passion for Renault Sport across the planet's roads.

Renault CLIO R.S. Line

the R.S. Line signature

The new R.S. Line logo offers enhanced sportiness to meet the needs of our customers who are looking to stand out from the crowd with dynamic design.

Renault MEGANE R.S.

the R.S. range

The R.S. range offers the best performance and uncompromising driving enjoyment: the best of Renault Sport. 

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from the racetrack to the road

motorsport is a laboratory for new technological solutions, and the driving force behind our innovations.

rather than reserving them for the racetrack, we include them in our standard vehicles to let you enjoy ever more performance, reliability and driving pleasure.

Renault MEGANE R.S. technology: 4CONTROL


4 wheel drive for added precision. This innovation allows the rear wheels to turn using an electric activator. 


The calibration by Renault Sport engineers combines sportiness, dynamism and precise cornering, for driving enjoyment and thrilling new experiences.

Renault Sport technology: R.S. Monitor

R.S. Monitor

In just a few years, data acquisition systems have revolutionised working methods for motorsport drivers. With R.S. Monitor, these technologies are now available to everyone! 


Available in R-LINK, R.S. Monitor displays telemetric data from the vehicle's sensors (pressure, temperature, engine revs, steering wheel angle, etc.) in the form of digital or graphic manometers.

Renault Sport technology: Launch control

launch control

If you've always dreamed of perfect optimisation when starting, you'll adore Launch Control. This electronic driver-assistance system is specifically designed for this use: engine torque is continually adjusted to give the wheels maximum grip without skidding on the road surface.

Renault Sport technology: R.S. Vision

R.S. Vision

R.S. performance goes beyond the chassis with this system that groups together 4 high-performance lighting functions in one unit:


  • side lights;
  • cornering lights;
  • fog lamps;
  • long-distance main beam lights.
Renault Sport - turbo ball bearing technology

Turbo ball bearing technology

The turbo technology pioneered by Renault was introduced in Formula 1 in 1977, and is currently featured in most models from the R.S. and GT range.


In 2018, Megane R.S. adopted a new "ball bearing" turbo technology straight from modern F1. The turbine – which spins at almost 200,000 rpm – is now fitted to a ceramic ball bearing mechanism.