The Delhi to Paris Drive embarks on a new journey as it takes the KWID to where it all began. The distance of 18,996 km was covered across 13 countries, including India, Myanmar, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Belgium until it finally enters France on 4th December 2016. Be it majestic mountain roads or desert crawls, the journey is sure to be unforgettable as KWID sets off on an adventure across nature’s finest creations.


Get a glimpse of the exciting drive until now, here:

Delhi to Paris Drive

An epic journey from Delhi to Paris has begun. Watch the #RenaultKWID cross the Indian border to enter Myanmar as the #KWIDdrive2Paris continues.

Delhi to Paris Drive

Watch the #RenaultKWID explore China in a picturesque drive through the country, during the #KWIDdrive2Paris.

Delhi to Paris Drive

The #KWIDdrive2Paris continues in China as the KWID takes on the Chinese roads with relative ease while also captivating the locals at the same time.

Delhi to Paris Drive

After two weeks of driving through China, the #RenaultKWID entered Kyrgyzstan, on its way to Paris. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Delhi to Paris Drive

Snowy roads, frozen lakes and stunning architecture, the #KWIDdrive2Paris saw it all as it drove through Russia.

Delhi to Paris Drive

In a journey that lasted over 45 days to Paris, the #RenaultKWID left behind the snowy landscape of Eastern Europe! #KWIDdrive2Paris

Delhi to Paris Drive

Freezing temperatures, challenging terrains, snow covered mountains and breathtaking views; the #KWIDdrive2Paris through China was truly an unforgettable experience.

Delhi to Paris Drive

The #KWIDdrive2Paris battled some freezing temperatures as the drive moved from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan.

Delhi to Paris Drive

The #KWIDdrive2Paris entered the final leg of the drive as it reached Estonia in Europe, en route to Paris!

Sumit Sawhney, CEO & MD Renault India at the iconic India Gate to flag off the historic #KWIDdrive2Paris

The drive not only takes through some rough roads, but some of the most scenic sights our country has to offer!

Our journey continues as we pass through some truly picturesque roads.

Coursing through the Capital on the way out towards the Yamuna Expressway, and Agra.

A proud 'Make in India' story, the 98 percent localised Renault KWID is the embodiment of French soul with an Indian heart.

Long drives seem fun when you are in the Renault KWID

A different kind of skill is needed when crossing these narrow wooden bridges but no task is too difficult for the Renault KWID.

A true test of the Renault KWID’s SUV inspired tough body & high ground clearance takes place as we cross over some particularly rough terrain on our way to Dimapur. #KWIDdrive2Paris.

The best way to keep yourself entertained on the go is via the MediaNAV system in the Renault KWID!

The gateway to the beautiful state of Manipur as we make our way to Imphal, our last pit stop on Indian soil.

Unexpected rains are no issue for the Renault KWID as we effortlessly drive towards Moreh.

With the completion of formalities, the Renault KWID makes its way to Myanmar as it continues the #KWIDdrive2Paris

The weather-lashed #RenaultKWID strikes a pose at the stunning Jade Stupa. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID on its way to Vietnam via AH14! #KWIDdrive2Paris

Roads or no roads, the Renault KWID effortlessly drives through some of the most challenging roads the country has to offer.

Another thing we would recommend but at your own risk is the state’s speciality, the famous Bhut Jolokia chilli!

Dangerous curves and rough terrains are proving to be no challenge to the Renault KWID as we make our way to Moreh.

The beautiful roads to Lashio proved to be quite a challenge for the #RenaultKWID. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The rain came in hard and thick sheets as the #RenaultKWID headed to Pyin Oo Lwin. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Myanmar's answer to our own 'Gata Loops' - this was one of a few ribbons of hairpins that were a joy to tackle in the #RenaultKWID. #KWIDdrive2Paris

A glimpse of China's incredible highway network. #KWIDdrive2Paris

An elaborated toll booth, one of many you'll find on China's highways. #KWIDdrive2Paris

A stop at the magnificent Dali ancient city, which is about 1,800 years old. #KWIDdrive2Paris

One of the finest stretches of highway in China that we drove on. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID heads to Chengdu its last big city in China. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The road could have dipped down and followed the mountainside, but in China, they build bridges everywhere. #KWIDdrive2Paris

This giant statue of a demigod looms large over a roundabout. #KWIDdrive2Paris

A four-lane highway, something the #RenaultKWID just revels in #KWIDdrive2Paris

The day begins as a 600km drive to Xichang awaits. #RenaultKWID #KWIDdrive2Paris

The Erhai lake is one of the most serene lakes that we came across on our way to Xichang. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The incredible highways of China help you cover long distances in a short span of time. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Finally, some sunshine as the #RenaultKWID gets out of smoggy Chengdu. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The sun and the temperature had already gone down by the time we drove into the tiny town of Ruo Er Gai. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Tollbooths are quick and efficient. Even if you don’t speak the language, it’s clear how much you have to pay. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The roads are as incredible as ever, but the landscape is surely changing. We're now entering the grasslands of North China. #KWIDdrive2Paris

With nothing on either side for miles, the grasslands are a desert in their own right. #KWIDdrive2Paris

A break comes in the form of some traditional Mongolian tents or 'yurts'. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID getting camouflaged on the highway which is a sea of white! #KWIDdrive2Paris

An overnight temperature of -13 deg C means the use of the ice scraper became inevitable before setting off from Quilian. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID was ready to conquer yet another terrain as the #KWIDdrive2Paris began encountering snowy roads.

From hints of snow to being wheels-deep in it, the #RenaultKWID really had its work cut out. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Not the kind of traffic jam the #RenaultKWID generally encounters. #KWIDdrive2Paris

This bright red and gold monastery stands out even during the gloomiest winter days. #KWIDdrive2Paris

A stop for a frigid photo shoot at this monument, 4120 metres above sea level. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID unleashes its inner rally car on the sands of the Kumul desert, just outside Hami. #KWIDdrive2Paris

A rare photo opportunity outside Kashgar's Id Kah mosque, which is always overflowing with people. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The views along the #KWIDdrive2Paris drive get even more breath-taking as we go on.

#RenaultKWID captivating motoring journalists from all over the world! #KWIDdrive2Paris

Kashgar is a melting pot of cultures, as can be seen by the signs which are written in four scripts. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID drove past a number of camels during the 100km stretch of 'no man's land' between the borders of China and Kyrgyzstan. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Finally, we cross the Kyrgyz border and enter the fourth country on this magical journey. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Even the absence of roads cannot stop the #RenaultKWID from scurrying off for a good photo op in the mountains. #KWIDdrive2Paris

There is no shortage of great mountain roads or snow in Kyrgyzstan. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Coffee breaks were essential to keep us running in the freezing weather of Kazakhstan. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Driving conditions were far from ideal but the #RenaultKWID managed well through snow, sleet and slush. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Gorgeous sunsets were our every day companions. #KWIDdrive2Paris

It’s a long and lonely road. At many places in Kazakhstan, ours were the only vehicles for kilometres on end. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Overnight snowfall at Bishkek added a layer of white to the #RenaultKWID. Amazingly, the car came to life at the very first crank. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID outside the stunning Church of the Saviour on Blood in St. Petersburg. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Moscow was one of the bigger stops on the drive. The city’s iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral is a sight to behold. #KWIDdrive2Paris

What 9 AM looks like on a November morning in St. Petersburg. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The hotel in Spaask was shaped like a ship. 12,000km into the drive, it was still smooth sailing for the #RenaultKWID. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID felt completely at ease on the expressway between Moscow and Veliky Novgorod. #KWIDdrive2Paris

#RenaultKWID parked on a frozen Volga river! #KWIDdrive2Paris

There were picnic spots aplenty just off the highway in Russia. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Veliky Novgorod is where Russia is said to have originated from. Its Kremlin is also among the first built. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Trees along the highways in Russia made crosswind a less of an issue. #KWIDdrive2Paris

We also introduced the #RenaultKWID to the staff at the Renault showroom we stopped at. They were all captivated by it. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Beautiful cobbled streets are a familiar sight in Eastern Europe. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Strict speed limits and no expressways mean progress is steady but slow through Estonia. #KWIDdrive2Paris

Icy roads in Poland don’t pose a problem for the #RenaultKWID. #KWIDdrive2Paris

The #RenaultKWID’s European tour sees it take in the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, one of the most iconic landmarks in Germany. #KWIDdrive2Paris

After 45 days and 18,996 kms, the #KWIDdrive2Paris comes to an end and what an amazing journey it has been!

Picture perfect! The iconic #RenaultKWID along with the iconic Eiffel Tower. #KWIDdrive2Paris

India’s favourite car – The #RenaultKWID distinctly stands out among the chaotic traffic at the iconic Arc de Triomphe, Paris! #KWIDdrive2Paris

Driving on the roads of Paris and watching its many sights is a truly breathtaking experience! #KWIDdrive2Paris

As we reach our final destination, we soak in the many sights that Paris has to offer! #KWIDdrive2Paris