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A New Renault, For The New Normal | Ghaziabad

A New Renault, For The New Normal | Ghaziabad

Renault KWID tales


Vishnu Benne | A KWID Tale

Being a trekker and having almost 10 Himalayan treks under his belt, Vishnu wanted to own a rugged, outdoorsy car that would fit his nature perfectly. The Renault KWID sure caught his attention.

Renault KWID Stories


The Car For Every Need | Renault KWID Stories | Ms. Sonali Singh, Gurgaon

The Renault KWID's comfortable design and thoughtful features have helped Ms. Sonali Singh feel at home in her adopted city of Gurgaon. Watch this video to hear her Renault KWID story.

Journalist test drives


Renault KWID: Journalist Test Drive: Game Changer

India’s top auto journalists and bloggers tell us what makes the Renault KWID a true game changer!

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