TRIBER Families

In #TRIBERfamilies, there’s never a special occasion that‘s spent alone...even when you’re trying to. 😉 Make every moment a cause for celebration in the #RenaultTRIBER, with #SpaceForEverything and everyone.

Family Lunch - The #TRIBERfamilies Way

For #TRIBERfamilies, there’s no such thing as too many plates, because you never know who’s going to invite themselves to a meal! Now, share more experiences with the extended family, thanks to the #RenaultTRIBER. #SpaceForEverything

#TRIBERFamilies & LBB Bangalore

When #TRIBERFamilies come together, there's space for a whole lot of fun. Last weekend families drove their #RenaultTRIBER's with us, from bustling Bengaluru to the scenic spot atop Nandi hills followed by frolic and games.


TRIBER Families | Arpita and Pankaj Pamnani

Arpita and Pankaj Pamnani have already started planning their next road trip, now that the New #RenaultTRIBER has given them space to take their whole family along. Watch what they have to say about their new set of wheels.

TRIBER Families | Akshita Srivastava and Ujjwal Abhishek

The upgrade from a 5-seater sedan to the 7-seater New #RenaultTRIBER proved to be the right decision for Akshita Srivastava and her brother, Ujjwal Abhishek. Watch them explain why it’s the perfect family car.

TRIBER Families | Naveen Gajan and family

Compact enough for a crowded city, yet roomy enough to have #SpaceForEverything; the New #RenaultTRIBER was the perfect fit for Naveen Gajan’s family. Hear their thoughts as they take the car for a spin.

TRIBER Families | Samir Dhrolia and family

DJ by profession and family man at heart, Samir Dhrolia bought the New #RenaultTRIBER to fulfil both his passions. Watch his testimonial of how he manages both roles on the road.