What makes an SUV appealing today?


The acronym ‘SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle’ is used to describe a car with high ground clearance and good off-roading capabilities.

The first examples of SUVs were big, tough and rugged machines that were sturdy and could easily travel off-road. Along with spacious interiors, SUVs with best ground clearance were built for the outdoors. You could drive through the forests to discover lost trails; go camping on the mountains or drive through snowy terrains with ease.


SUVs are also considered to be one of the safer options, with a range of safety features that come along with it like ABD, EBS, ESP, Airbags etc. A heavier car also affects impact on collision, making SUVs the safer choice.


As the practicality and high driving position of SUVs became more popular, the number of buyers increased and manufacturers increasingly made them more stylish.


One such SUV was launched by Renault India in 2012. Known as ‘the True SUV’, the Renault DUSTER is your license to go beyond boundaries and explore the roads unknown. 



The newly launched Renault DUSTER gets a powerful makeover with enhanced all-round capabilities and superior fuel efficiency. The new DUSTER comes with a modern 1.3L Turbo Petrol Engine and advanced technology, and off­ers power and torque like never before in its segment. Its all-new BS6 compliant powertrain and superior transmission have you ready for any adventure.



The power-led performance of the new DUSTER is enhanced by the new X-tronic CVT gearshift. It off­ers improved responsiveness, giving better drive quality and control to the car even in heavy traffic. And for those off­-road drives, the 7-speed Manual mode option (M) allows you to have a hands-on driving experience whenever you want.



What’s more, the new DUSTER ensures you make the most of every drive, be it off­-road performance or a better fuel economy. This is complemented by the 6-Speed synchronised gearbox that gives superior shift quality and fuel efficiency.



When it comes to overall looks and features, the new DUSTER leaves no stone unturned. It is designed with a sturdy monocoque body to add more safety for you and your loved ones. Moreover, With R17 Forza Diamond Cut Alloys, stylish skid plates and a higher ground clearance, the car exhibits an imposing stance. On the inside, the DUSTER with midnight black interiors features Premium Blue Glazed seat upholstery and a striking dashboard. With a host of impressive features, the new DUSTER ensures a thrilling yet convenient driving experience.



Visit your nearest authorised Renault dealership to check out the car and experience it yourself by taking it out on a test drive. You can also click on the links below to know more about the new, powerful DUSTER.