All geared up and ready to go.

Mr. Sumit Sawhney started the #DUSTERdrive with the flag off ceremony.

The DUSTER is on its way as the #DUSTERdrive begins.

One of the many bridges from Tamu to Kalay.

One of the many temples on the road to Kalay - Myanmar.

Team adjusting the watch as they enter in a different time zone.

Team crossed 45 of these old bridges on the way to Kalaymo.

Team at AH1 - Asian Highway 1.

Team driving from Delhi to Imphal, the last stop before crossing the border into Myanmar.

Team at Imphal - Morey road.

Team at India - Myanmar border.

Team at Myanmar - Iron Bridge Gate, Immigration Checkpoint.

Conquering all terrains.

If something like a log of wood could have a gold standard, this is it. Burma teak is what everyone wants their furniture to be made of.

Locals all over Myanmar are very friendly, happy and content lot.

Team had to stop and snap this adorable file of young, budding monks.

A common sight along our route was villagers hard at work in paddy fields, not surprising considering rice is a staple in Myanmar.

Bad roads between Kalay and Mandalay put the DUSTER's amazing ride quality to test.

Team left the monsoon behind in India, but in Myanmar, it hit them even harder.

A roadside store in the middle of nowhere, and this one even had a fuel pump too.

The Unstoppable Drive takes a pause for a much-needed tea break.

Team travelled through solid looking bridges, but this one was a different one.

This is the first of Bagan's 2,000 plus pagodas that the team paid homage to.

Dramatic water splashes like this was quite common on the drive through rain drenched Myanmar.

On mucky, wet roads like these, the switchable all-wheel drive was useful to have.

Team chanced upon these beautiful blue pagodas in a small village called Natogyi on the way to Bagan.

The DUSTER looks tiny in comparison to these massive white lions.

There are 729 of those white pagodas in the Kuthodaw pagoda complex in Mandalay. Each with a page of the Buddhist scripture, Tipitaka, making it the world's largest book.

The resplendence of the golden pagoda and the simplicity of the monk make for an interesting juxtaposition.

A board giving directions in English is a welcome sight, and so was the proximity of the destination, Bagan - 13 miles (21km).

DUSTER drew curious glances even from monks.

A spectacular sunset over the Chindwin river, one of the largest is Myanmar.

The Thatbyinnyu Phaya pagoda stands out from the 2000+ others in Bagan because of its white walls and the fact that it is the largest of the lot.

Climb atop any vantage point in Bagan, and green trees and brick and gold pagodas stretch into the horizon.

The aftermath of a quick downpour. This is where you thank the Lord that you are in a SUV.

Rice is central to all meals in Myanmar, quite literally in this case

The DUSTER swallows team’s luggage whole, with room for dessert.

Very kindly, this local climbed a 10 metre tall palm tree to fetch the team some fresh palm sap.

Cruise control came in handy on long, empty stretches of the highway.

That road, it just calls out to the motorist in you.

Rice for lunch, again. Not surprising since it is the staple food of Myanmar, and more than 130 varieties of it are grown here.

The clear skies darkened threateningly just as we were reaching our destination, Bago.

Workers in paddy fields bid us a fond farewell as we drive towards the Myanmar - Thailand border.

Our DUSTER soldiers on through some sleepy old towns in Southern Myanmar on its way to Thailand border.

The DUSTER's easy handling and good torque makes it effortless to drive on twisty roads.