1. The contest is valid on all Duster purchases made between and on August 01st, 2015 till August 31st, 2015.

2. The contest is open to all Indian residents on purchase of a Renault Duster Pan-India.

3. Duster Purchased by cash or exchange of old cars are eligible for participation in this contest.

4. To participate it is mandatory to take a test drive, book & take delivery of the car within the month of August 2015 and then completely fill in the “I love my Duster because ………………………………………………………………….” (100 words slogan form) and deposit it with the dealership at the time of purchase. Incorrectly/ incompletely or illegibly filled tickets may lead to disqualification.

5. Top 10 winners for South Africa & next 20 winners for Gir would be selected based on the best slogan as decided by the panel of judges at RENAULT INDIA. The jury’s decision in this case would be final and binding.

6. Winners would be intimated individually by phone and mail. Winning would entitle the buyer (Name mentioned in the invoice) and his/ her accompanying partner (irrespective of age or relation) to take the South African trip & the Gir, Gujarat trip planned by Tour service provider for RENAULT INDIA.

7. The tour itinerary will be given from the Tour partner appointed by RENAULT INDIA. Each pass will be valid for 2 persons only. They may not necessarily be the spouse or partners.

8. The tour prize is non-transferable and can not be transacted for cash.

9. The tour Originating location and the prerogative of selecting airline, travel class, hospitality provider and other travel arrangements lie with RENAULT INDIA. The travel plan and itinerary would be intimated well in advance. RENAULT INDIA or its travel services providers would not be able to consider any change in the itinerary either before or during the Journey. Journey will be concluded in the last week of November 2015.

10. The Winners will be announced on 30th September, 2015. 

11. Final dates of announcement of the trip shall be intimated by RENAULT INDIA with a right to change the date, month, year & itinerary.

12. The winners would have to ensure that 

a. They have a valid passport that is well within its validity period, to enable visa issuance.

b.They are not restricted by any Indian or any international agency from leaving, entering or passing any of the destination/ transit ports.

c. Visa to be arranged by the winners themselves at their own cost. RENAULT INDIA will not be responsible for any visa rejection issue.

d. The winner should communicate the visa details / refusal atleast 30 days in advance before the start date of the journey.

e. The winners should be physically fit to undertake such a travel. RENAULT INDIA or its travel and hospitality service providers would not be held liable for any occurrence of any eventuality as a result of taking the trip without being in a physical/ medical state to do so. They should be able to produce the fitness certificate, if required by RENAULT INDIA.

f. Winners should have valid and adequate medical insurance to cover for any medical eventuality. RENAULT INDIA or its travel and hospitality service providers would not be held liable to bear the expenses arising out of any such eventuality. The cost of medical cover would be borne by the travelers.

13. RENAULT INDIA would not be responsible for any delay/ alteration or cancellation occurring as result of airline functioning or for any other reason which is beyond control of RENAULT INDIA. It will also not be responsible for any loss/ theft or damage of personal belongings by the hands of airline/ hospitality or tour partner. RENAULT INDIA advices the winners to be vigilant about their belongings.

14. Winners and their accompanying travelers should commit to adhere to the local government’s immigration/ custom and civil laws. RENAULT INDIA would not be responsible for any misdemeanor on the part of the winners, nor would it be its responsibility to bring resolution to the issue.

15. RENAULT INDIA would not be liable to compensate/ re conduct the Journey that may be cut short / altered or cancelled by acts of god, war, terrorism or if the user is unavailable because of any reason on the journey dates or any other circumstances unforeseen and beyond the reasonable ability of RENAULT INDIA to address them. 

16. Families and relatives of RENAULT INDIA employees and their associates are not eligible for this contest.

17. Any dispute regarding the contest will fall strictly within the Chennai jurisdiction only. 

18. RENAULT INDIA can alter or withdraw the Offer or change the Destination with proper communication to the winner. The winner has the right to opt out of the contest.