Tax status of electric vehicles

Clean vehicles that only use electric energy and emit less than 50 g/km of CO₂ are not required to pay company car tax. As their name suggests, Renault Zero Emission vehicles do not emit any CO2. They are all-electric and 100% clean, meaning you are exempt from company car tax.

Eco bonus

Purchasing an electric vehicle also entitles you to a bonus of €6,300. (French decree No.20141672 of 30 December 2014).
Find out about local grants that may be available in your region. They may be added to the eco bonus when purchasing an electric vehicle.

Registration certificate exemption

When you purchase an electric vehicle, you are exempt from paying tax on the vehicle registration certificate and 50% or 100% of the additional tax of €4, depending on the region.

The postage tax (€2.50) and the parafiscal tax are not eligible for exemption.

Reclaiming VAT

As a business customer, you can claim back all of the VAT on the battery and chassis of a van. VAT on passenger vehicles cannot be recovered except for certain professions where you are entitled to deductions. VAT can be recovered on the electricity used to charge the battery for customers subject to VAT.