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Renault DUSTER
1.3 litre turbo engine

1.3 litre Turbo petrol engine

The new powerful 1.3L Turbo petrol engine helps you muscle your way through any terrain. With an exceptional maximum power of 156 PS and maximum torque of 254 Nm, it is built to match your adventurous side.

1.3 litre turbo engine

New performance X-tronic CVT with 7-step M-Mode

The power-led performance of the new DUSTER is enhanced by the new X-tronic CVT gearshift. It off­ers improved responsiveness, giving better drive quality and control to the car even in heavy traffic. And for those off­-road drives, the 7-speed Manual mode option (M) allows you to have a hands-on driving experience whenever you want.

1.3 litre petrol engine

Improved fuel economy with the Turbo powertrain

Be it off­-road performance or a better fuel economy, the new DUSTER ensures you make the most of every drive. This is complemented by the 6-Speed synchronised gearbox that gives superior shift quality and fuel efficiency.

1.3 litre turbo engine

1.5 litre petrol engine

The DUSTER features a responsive and fuel efficient 1.5 litre petrol engine. With a 5-speed manual transmission, it offers exceptional power of 106 PS and maximum torque of 142 Nm.


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